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Grand Hall, capacity 1000

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Proscenium type stage in a circular amphitheatre. For stagefloor dimensions, see drawing.
  • Heights
    • Floor to stage: 1 m
    • Stage to arch: 4 m
    • Production area: 3.5 m
    • Backstage area: 4 m
    • Max rigging height behind firecurtain: 9 m
  • Trusses, Bars and Hoists
    • 2 manually hoisted 6m long bars onstage immediately behind firecurtain (100kg limit even load)
    • 15 manually hoisted 6m long bars onstage evenly distributed from 1.5 m to backdrop 6 meters behind firecurtain (100kg limit even load)
    • Automatically hoisted fronttruss (250kg limit even load)
    • 4 automatic chain hoists in the middle of the audience area (250kg limit per point)
  • Misc Info
    • No equipment underneath fire curtain, it will close in an emergency situation
    • Stage is separated from audience area with fire curtain when not in use
    • The stage load-in area is located on basement level with elevator leading to backstage
    • There is no loading ramp at the venue
    • Backstage is separated from stage with backdrop
    • Upstage is fitted with an automatic lift from workshop below
    • The stage floor is rotatable
    • FOH is located 16 meters from stage and 2 meters above audience

Lighting Specifications

  • Moving Lights
    • 8x Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800
    • 12x Martin MAC Aura
  • Parcans
    • 48x Par 64 mounted on eight bars of six
    • 10x Par 64 single
    • 8x Par 64 floorcans
  • Misc Lights
    • Fixed and unfocusable frontlight consisting of 10 S4 750W profiles
    • 4x Atomic 3000 Strobes
    • Set of 8 650W ACL mounted on two bars of four
    • 4x 4-light 2600W molefays
    • 10x 2-light, 1300W molefays
    • 12x Niethammer EniZoom 1000W profiles
    • 2x Robert Juliat 1000W HMI followspots located at high level above light desk
  • Haze and Smoke
    • MDG Atmosphere Hazer
    • hazebase base hazer pro
    • 2x Look Solutions Viper NT Smoke Machines
  • Control
    • GrandMA 2 Light
    • GrandMA 1 Full-size
  • Dimmers
    • 152x 10A 230V
    • 4x 20A 230V
  • Power
    • 16x 15A 240V Single phase
    • 6x 16A 240V Three phase
    • 3x 32A 240V Three phase
    • 2x 63A 240V Three phase
    • 2x 80A 240V Three phase
  • Curtains
    • Standard black wool backdrop with legs
  • Filters
    • Wide selection of LEE filters
    • Some Rosco filters
  • Communication
    • Clearcom basestation with 2 channels
    • Clearcom cable access points FOH, stage and followspots
    • 4x Clearcom cable packs
    • 2x Clearcom wireless packs
More equipment may be available if there are no other concerts the same evening. For more information contact Head of Lights Andreas Bjelland Berg:
  • email: on.tednBAKufmas@reLENGStsemsyl
  • phone: +47 917 96 776